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Atheist denial?

This starts as a reaction to an article my Facebook frienemy posted, but kind of turns into frustrated brain purge later. I wanted to save it anyway, so bear with me, Reader.

My Facebook frienemy has been posting about stuff lately that generally falls into the “atheists are just in denial of God” variety. Essentially that those that deny the existence of God actually DO think/know God exists, but do not want to submit to His rules and therefore just deny his existence to get a pass on having to be compliant. So there are no “honest atheists” just people in denial.

I feel like I can raise my hand as an honest atheist.

I don’t believe I have ever felt there is a God. I’m not sure I even ever believed in a literal Santa Claus. I was not raised in a Christian, churchgoing household. My parents raised me with morals – I’d say the Golden Rule figures prominently in my moral upbringing – and with strong ethics, but they were not religiously based. I think I grew up believing in a Heaven of sorts, and maybe even a Hell, but the rules for going to one or the other weren’t Christian in nature, but generally moral and ethical.

I would say, though, that I have a segment of my mind open to the possibility of God, just as it is open to the idea that we are life seeded here by extraterrestrials. There’s not really tactile evidence, but it’s an interesting idea.

The article he posted (linked above) quotes John Calvin, who postulates out that our minds are imprinted with the idea of God, and we can’t help but see God all around us in the wondrous world that we inhabit. This could be a way of saying that humans are wired for God.

But even those who aren’t churchey types can be caught tossing around ideas that are a little like God (some all-knowing, guiding power) – things like “the universe” telling people things (which are more likely based on coincidence or pattern recognition), or calling something “fate,” or even just recognizing an interesting coincidence or change in plans that turns out well and calling it out like it was “meant to be.” In the hippy-dippy, everything-happens-for-a-reason sense, that’s a bit like God. Does that count under the mantle of being wired for God? Does it just boil down to our minds’ propensity to recognize patterns and ascribe them to some invisible force if a tangible force can’t be found or explained?

A quote he posted earlier mentioned that a denial of God is not rooted in lack of evidence, but due to man’s resistance to accepting his need for God. But what, in that context, is God? Does it mean a literal world-maker and rule-setter? Does it mean a general “force for good”? Does it simply mean something to believe in?

On the face of it, just saying that man/humankind needs a creator to set rules, could maybe be true in a way. Rules govern societies – they define them and help keep them running in a certin way. But must they come from that invisible source? And must they remain ever immutable? And which rules? Regarding Judeo-Christian beliefs, there is much contest over what rules are laid out in the Bible and which are the most important to follow. Other religions have sects that differ in their interpretations as well. Which does one choose?

From my outside perspective, all these things make little sense. So, by Christian rules, I must submit and humble myself, on the assumption that an invisible person sacrificed his son for my spiritual benefit, because if I don’t I am spiritually lost, and won’t go to heaven/have life everlasting, and so forth. Coming into this cold, and without some impetus for my believing in God, it doesn’t make sense to me at all. It looks like adopting a set of rules arbitrarily.

There’s a handy catch to all the “atheists are in denial” talk, too – it implies, or outright says, that atheists are delusional, arrogant, and self-centered, because they’re denying the truth they know in their hearts/minds for selfish, willful reasons. Normally atheists are the ones to call the religious delusional, and it’s being turned back on them by believers (No, YOU’RE imagining everything! No YOU are!). So if you’re a religious person in a position of doubt, you’re going to be hesitant to explore that doubt, because it is portrayed as inherently bad, and rather sounds as though being atheist turns you into a bad person. You don’t want to be a bad person, do you? Better not even think about applying any logic, or interpreting something in a different way.

I just found an interesting webpage titled “Hundreds of Proofs for God’s Existence” which encompasses logic formulas for God – some could be considered valid as one’s personal reason for belief, but many pan out as mockeries of logic proofs.  St. Paul looks like the origin of the “atheists in denial” bit; the passage says that those who deny God are fools - the evidence is all around them, so they have no excuse for denying God. Well, yeah, when you’re a committed believer, of course that’s what it looks like!

Some of my favorites in here.Collapse )

When I read what seem like genuinely earnest attempts to provide proof for God, much of it gets very… I don’t know the right term. Metaphysical sciencey? Much goes straight back to the origin of all things – there must have been a force that set all the existence we see into motion, and that force is God. And that the orders in nature we see around us cannot be a result of chance, and require an intelligent designer – therefore, God. The linked list article went this course, and then dove straight back into the universe existing and needing something eternal and outside existence to cause it and OMG, I don’t even caaaaaaare anymore. Other reasons seem very anthropocentric – basically that human existence is better than worm existence, and if existence can be relative then it can also be perfect, therefore a Perfect Being must exist, and that is God. And to even ask whether such judgements are subjective is to somehow prove that anthropocentric subjective judgements exist, i.e. are valid? The very fact that human minds can conceive of God itself is held as proof for God, because only God could have planted that notion in human minds. The very desire for “something beyond” earthly things is also held as a proof for God, as our desires relate to objects in existence that can satisfy that desire. Well, then the Doctor is also real, and so are unicorns and fairies, because I desire their reality! Oh but wait, article says that those things are artificial desires and not as “deep” as a desire for God. Also, if you claim you are already happy (presumably without God), then you are an idiot, or dishonest. Gee, thanks for assuming that. Then this jewel:

17. The Argument from Aesthetic Experience

There is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Therefore there must be a God.

You either see this one or you don't.

Okay, I take it back, not so earnest an article. "Hey guys! There’s cool stuff! Therefore GOD!" This is followed up by a bandwagon argument, and then Pascal’s Wager, soooo, yeah, started out thoughtful – to the point of being repetitive and boring - ended kinda dumb.

Here’s a really nice page of philosophical thought around God: It actually starts out with what basically populates that list of 20 in the article linked above, especially the ontological and cosmological arguments. It also summarizes the thoughts of individual philosophers on God as well. Very interesting.

I guess that the question of “How did everything begin?” and “What is the purpose of life?” don’t occur to me often; when they have, the answer “God” never satisfies me. If God, then what? Fall to my knees and praise it/him/her? Even if an invisible, aware deity started everything and still moves things around, do I have any reason to believe that it/he/she cares that I am worshipping?  Aside even from that, I feel like the mental gymnastics I would have to go through at this point to try to believe in God and all its paraphernalia despite all the fucked up shit in the world that belies a benevolent, in-control Creator are nigh-impossible.

Give me terrifying randomness and self-created purpose, anyday. Having someone try to emotionally and intellectually shame me into belief is not something I’m interested in.

P.S. – I realize too, that if I were to believe in a creator, it would be a concept not unlike the one encountered in the Futurama episode “Godfellas,” whose stance was summed up by Bender: “You can’t count on God for squat! He pretty much told me so himself!” A distant entity, who doesn’t seem intensely interested in being worshipped, but may make a small move to grant a prayer if it is heard. That’s about as close as I can get to belief, and it’s inspired by a cartoon.

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Spring in the air, and up my nose
Been a long time since I updated! There hasn't been a ton of stuff happening; work's moving along well, Lu's progressing in school and almost 100% daytime potty trained (she's usually even dry through naps!), Chuck has filed his last bit of paperwork to get his NJ massage license. We've been busily tending to garden and outdoor improvements since late March (put off a bit by my getting about 3 colds/general illnesses in about 2 months), and hopefully we'll be able to reduce the basement puddling issue with our current big project, which is to improve drainage from the north side of the house, and direct the flow into the backyard, joining up with a downspout drainpipe and extending into the backyard into an underground gravel trench.

Trench stuff.Collapse )

Most of this is partially backfilled already, but after the trench is completed, lined, and backfilled, the next step is to level out the ground where the sidewalk was, and lay in a paver sidewalk section. The previous cement slabs were poured straight onto the soil, which could explain why they were so shitty at that corner where so much moisture ended up. For the paver path, we're not laying in QUITE the ideal depth of foundation - online tutorials call for like 4 inches of paver base, then 2 inches of mansonry sand, then the pavers on top. I think we will have something more like 2-3 inches of base, 1.5-2 inches of mansonry sand, topped by pavers. To get the called-for depth, we'd have had to dig another 4 inches down, and then dug even deeper as the trench progressed. Given the tough digging our soil makes for, I made the executive decision to reduce the starting depth (near the house, where the sidewalk is) to make things just a tiny bit easier.

BESIDES that enormity, the garden's coming along - we bought some 5 for $10 plants at the Depot and got some sage, tomatoes, basil, and a jalapeno pepper plant, and I planted the leftover chard and kale seeds from last year (most were still good and are coming up nicely), plus some new beet seeds, spinach seeds, and snap pea seeds, the latter of which I'm fairly certain indicated the plant depth incorrectly - 1.5 inches? That's deep - only 1 seedling came up, and I had to plant more at a 1/2" depth 2 weeks later, which are fine. The thyme's flourishing, but the chives are dying off. Oh, and the mint came back LIKE CRAZY - I transplanted last year's 2 small plants to medium planters, and they are bushy and beautiful now. I also attempted to transplant some leeks from inside to outside, but we'll see if they catch on. I'm also trying to grow lemongrass from cuttings, but I haven't found a place to put them outside yet, so we'll see - I might just plop them in a container and leave them out once the heat of June is upon us.

I also am trying to get a lupin flower plant to grow next to the garage. There is a teeny, tiny plant there now, and I read that they don't always flower in the first year, so perhaps all I'll get this year is a small established plant. Still, it's very slowly coming along. Meanwhile the snapdragon seeds I sowed haven't done jack squat! Oh well. The sunflowers I grew last year self-sowed like mad, and the side garden was full of tiny sunflower seedlings. Right now, the biggest plant in the garden is a sunflower that was the first growing thing I spotted this year, unless you count the thyme, which I think was still technically dormant.

Weeding, I've decided, is a main task this year. Last year I slacked on weeding, and this year it shows in how many baby weeds I'm pulling. I hope if I work at it this year, then next year will be a little less weed-intense. It probably didn'y help that I put some weeds in the compost pile, which probably didn't get hot enough to kill the seeds. I won't do THAT this year either. THe pile certainly wasn't hot enough to kill pumpkin seeds, as the garden (to which I added compost) also started showing a bunch of pumpkin seedlings as of April's end. I put some of them into little plantings I hid on the work campus in the wild, weedy sections along the "Fitness Path." I think last week's dry weather and my forgetting to water them killed them off, though. :(

Aside from all that, I got sick again last week - I think I caught a small cold Lucia had come home with - and I'm still fighting some bizarre sinus bug. I'm utterly unused to having this kind of sinus pressure. Hoping it's not something too serious, but I suppose if it doesn't go away, it's antibiotics time.

Little LOLs
Minor levity moments from recent times.

- Watched The Birdcage again and realized that my mother-in-law's summer fashion (when it isn't just T-shirts and jeans) isn't far off from Albert's. Which is in no way an insult! Albert dresses the part of a middle-aged mother who likes to wear comfy-casual-yet-feminine clothes, much like my MIL. Ain't nothing wrong with that. It's just a little amusing.
- Realized that I'm still pretty susceptible to getting creeped out while watching spooky things late at night. I watched "Killer Legends" which is a small documentary film that explores the "real-life" origins of popular urban legends, like the babysitter who gets spooky phone calls that are traced to somewhere inside the house, or someone giving poisoned candy to kids on Halloween. So basically all you need to spook me out is creepy music and factual bases for the scary stories we all hear growing up.
- Got my coworker to call her confectionery project "Candy Mountain." I usually try to go for project names that correlate back to their actual description but in a very obscure way - but my coworker likes project names to be a little more easy to decipher. "Hillside" is a name associated with the project, so I kept throwing out names with "hill" somewhere - quickly it led to "mountain," and I blurted out "Candy Mountain!" Which she loved. She didn't get the reference, but my other coworket who is in her late 20s totally did and started giggling.

Bad parenting is bad parenting, no matter who you're boning
My Facebook frienemy is posting links to articles against gay marriage again, but lately it’s been in the vein of “won’t somebody please think of the children!”

More detail in here.Collapse )

I wonder if, with time, scientists will have the chance to study more children of same sex couples who adopted – I’ve heard Dan Savage say it at least a couple times, and it works out logically: same-sex couples can’t ACCIDENTALLY have kids. They have to make special arrangements, meet criteria, sometimes pay a whole lot and just generally put in a decent amount of work in order to have a child to raise together, so they’re got to want parenthood to get there. Heterosexuals, however, can have a drunken fling at the right time in a woman’s fertility cycle and blam, there’s a baby that they never meant to happen. And some of them will choose to have that baby and will step up their game and be good, or even great, parents – and some won’t. That’s not to say that all same sex couples are better parents – just that they are more intentional parents, who prepped and planned and worked for something that many, many sexually active heteroes can just fall into without meaning to.

If I had more energy I’d be raging pretty hard about this, but because I spent last weekend with a fever and I’m still recuperating, it’s just a low smolder that depresses me.

TL; DR – straight parents aren’t automatically better than gay parents. A good parent is good no matter what gender they are attracted to. Simply because some children raised by same-sex couples (all of whom apparently also experienced divorce, which is a whole other factor to account for) had sads at best and were abused at worst does not negate same-sex couples’ ability to parent effectively, and to assume so also impugns the parenting abilities of divorced parents, single parents, and adoptive parents.

Perambulating corpses
Chuck found Walking Dead comic compendiums at the local library – the first 2. The first compendium alone goes beyond where I had previously read, which only just got into the Governor/Woodbury arc. I gave up on the series after reading that far back in 2011, mostly because as much as I am into zombie stuff, imagining a zombie apocalypse while caring for an infant was too much for me. I just didn’t have the stomach for it.Reflections on the media forms of Walking Dead.Collapse )

It’s too much of an exercise in masochism to keep up with this stuff. I don’t mind watching the TV series so much, because they do soften things a bit – but even then, things are pretty harsh. I’m back to my original closing – I don’t think I can deal with reading any more of the comic.

Grouch Conundrum
Things have been rumbling along pretty nondescriptly for the last couple of months - holidays were good, we didn't travel around anywhere but compared to last year's food-poisoining fest it was flipping fantastic. Lucia got lots of things, as usual, and she really likes her Sesame Street "Smart Tablet" which is basically just a 2-sided button-pusher that interacts a little and is meant to go with a set of books which prompt you to push sound effect buttons for the stories. She had a holiday break from school and sadly her teacher, Ms. Kelly, left to take care of personal family issues (an aging and ailing father along with her own kids); fortunately, her replacement is one of the assistant teachers in the class, so familiarity is good. Um, that's pretty much it.

I just wanted to jot down another somewhat unfortunate weekend - Saturday we were a productive couple, for the most part: Chuck finished painting the guest room while I made grapefruit marmalade and then took a hot bath, because I was feeling crampy and sore from lady problems. Lucia didn't nap (strange, since she got up at 8, a bit early for the weekend) so that usual afternoon break was cut shorter than usual. We ate dinner, Lu got to bed, Chuck gave me a backrub, and then we were super sleepy so we went to bed. Sunday (yesterday) there was freezing rain, so we decided not to run out on any errands - there wasn't anything we really needed to do, anyway - and just kick around the house. I built a blanket fort to play in with Lucia (unfortunately it turned into mostly "playing with the tablet in the tent" time, but whatever), then we had some lunch, played a little more, and then it was naptime.

Chuck went to put some laudry in to wash as I was getting Lu ready to go nap. Just as I was getting Lu going upstairs, Chuck came up from the basement and promptly proclaimed he was getting a shop vac because there was a bunch of water puddled in the usual spots in the basement. No big surprise, as it had been raining since the early morning, and despite our best efforts to block leakage from the walkup stairs, water manages to make its way in all along about 10-15 feet along the north side of the basement. Not a huge deal; we know not to store anything there anymore that will absorb waters, so all there is to do is mop it up. Well anyway, Lu's crabby, and Chuck's talking immdediate purchase of appliances, and I'm in the middle of shit and make the mistake of going to look at the puddle instead of telling Chuck to hold up until I get Lucia settled. So then Lu is throwing a fit because I'm not there to take her upstairs, and Chuck is trying to pick her up, so as I get back to them to bring her up for naptime, she nails him in the crotch with her foot, he yells, I tell him to put her down (calmly), that I'll get her upstairs, and he goes off griping loudly that no one listens to him blah blah blah. Lu is crying and upset, but I get her calmed down and into bed and then I go downstairs.

Now, all week Chuck has been grouchy to some extent, because it's one of those stretches of days where "everything's out to get him," which I have had to hear about for almost a solid week. I can deal with it for a couple days, because who doesn't have those days? But after a week I'm sick of hearing about how terrible everything's been. What am I supposed to do about it, other than sympathize and ask if there's anything I can do? I'm a pretty patient person, but I can't deal with the same rant everyday for 5+ days without running out of sympathy.

I basically then ask what he wants me to do about all this stuff that's bothered him, and that it kind of seems like he waned me to go away, so I was going to go mop up the basement. So I did, and an hour and a half later I came back up and we were civil and more or less normal. Lucia didn't seem to have napped again, though, so we didn't really get any downtime there, and then I had to put dinner together while Chuck was Skyping with his father. We finally got to eat (I made Spam Musubi for the first time, and it was okay, but probably not worth the extra work and weight at the time), and got Lucia to bed for real and spend a little time together. Chuck said he felt pretty lousy that we hadn't really had much time together over the weekend - which was sort of true, but it's not like we hadn't spent ANY time together, we just didn't have the afternoon naptime break, which really isn't uncommon - I frequently have weekend projects I'm up to while Chuck is relaxing or vice versa, soooo.... I don't know.

It's ironic that Chuck gets grouchy about not having relaxation time with a loved one BECAUSE he is grouchy and not fun to be around. I still haven't figured out a good way of getting around this problem. I've gotten better about letting it go earlier instead of being grouchy in turn even after Chuck is doing better. However, I can't make him feel better and I'm not interested in being around him while he's feeling lousy and complainy about the universe being against him. Bleh.

Probably going to suggest a date lunch this week to have some quality time.

Oh, and in future news, Lucia has a winter break coming up next month, even though it's only essentially a 4-day weekend. We're planning to go up and visit my parents for the weekend since we haven't been to visit there since Christmas 2012! Hoping that will be fun. :)

50 Shades of Nay-Nay

I finally finished reading the blog recaps of 50 Shades of Grey courtesy of Jenny Trout. I honestly struggled to read about the last half of the chapter recaps for the third and final book, because even secondhand, the books are repetitive, boring, and also very disturbing in their portrayal of what essentially is an abusive relationship – and after 2 ½ books of purple prose and poor plots that barely add conflict and interest to a bunch of sex scenes, I was ready to say “Fuck it.” But I persevered, because even secondhand I’m OC about finishing something I start.

Bad characters, bad writing, scary implicationsCollapse )

That people are reading this and finding it to be an amazing love story or a kinky adventure in BDSM baffles me. It is neither. It’s terribly written story studded with porn that’s mostly vanilla and a relationship with more-than-subtle abusive undertones.

I would burn these books in acrimony, if I didn’t believe so strongly against that kind of thing.

Delayed home improvement post!
About a month ago, our lovely friend Nate came to visit for the weekend while his brother and girlfriend attended BronyCon 2014 down in Baltimore (and the BCC, the same venue as Otakon, it so happens). I took that Friday off so that Nate, Chuck, and I could tackle some home improvement stuff while Lucia was at school that morning. The list was not terribly long, but each item was certainly not the simplest:
Stuff and pics and stuff here.Collapse )

Minor updates, moderate literary rant
Not much to say lately; Lu’s out of summer program, we accomplished some home improvement (will post pics later) while Nate visited; Lu got diaper rash but it cleared up and we’re in the first stages of potty training her. Also, we’re going to visit Chuck’s parents over the weekend, whee!

I am, however, compelled to mention that I am reading another “So-and-so reads ____” blog, this time “Jenny Reads 50 Shades of Grey.” She liberally includes excerpts from the book itself, and those little tastes are enough to make me simultaneously livid and filled with ennui. The writing really does make Twilight (50 Shades’ source material - and it shows) look like high-quality work – the female protagonist is even more intolerable than Bella Swan, her friend’s actions and characterization are super inconsistent, and Christian Grey – a newfound masculine dreamboat for 50 Shades fans – is a controlling dickbag. But he’s so hot and super-rich! That makes it understandable and okay for the protagonist to totes fall for him! Loll!!11

Between the protagonist Ana’s subconscious (as a total conscious manifestation of something in her head – maybe ego? – thus rendering the title “subconscious” utterly inappropriate) and “inner goddess” reacting to situations, the author’s terribly inconsistency with how characters act and how others react to them, and just plain repetitive, boring bullshit, I utterly fail to see how anyone can bear to read this book and be aroused by it. Maybe if you skip to the sexy parts, but even those thus far have been kind of ridiculous – Grey’s stock porn dialog is laughable, Ana dreads her orgasms (wtf?), and the general descriptions are just okay; I have absolutely read better, both published and amateur. All the stuff around the sexy parts, though, is pretty stupid. We are privy to nearly every tedious event, to every needless detail about wardrobe, and to each idiotic, narcissistic, and adulating thought of Ana’s, liberally peppered with “Oh my”s (instantly I imagine George Takei’s voice) and “Hmm”s and exclamations of “Jeez.” To top off the shit sundae, the Briticism of the author is palpable and distracting in a work that supposedly takes place in Seattle, WA, USA, starring American people.

If it hadn’t already become this big deal bestseller-being-turned-into-a-movie thing, I’d never believe that people would read this and evangelize about it with such enthusiasm. Maybe that tiny bit of BDSM sex fantasy is novel enough to get the general readership going, shitty writing aside. And I get BDSM fantasy, really, I do – but this book is fucking insufferable even as that.
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Strange Spaces
I’m learning a lot about home ventilation and attic insulation this year.

Our home is pretty old – fortunately, it’s pretty liveable and in decent condition. No fundamental issues of mold, rot, insects, etc. – but there are quite a few strange conundrums there, one of which is the ventilation – or lack thereof – in our “attics” behind the kneewalls, as well as what I’d call the true attic at the apex of the roof.

There is a ventilation fan on the south side of the house, in the true attic area over Lucia’s room. However, it was not in operation during the home inspection, and it appears not to be working at all at the moment. We can’t even properly tell if it’s hooked up to the home wiring, and if so, where. The closest kneewall area to it is mostly filled by the built-out closet space that someone added in semi-recent history, obscuring the view of the space between the rafters where wiring might otherwise be visible. Usually such units also have a thermostat which causes them to kick on when it gets hot, but there is no control panel visible ANYWHERE in proximity to it. What the fuck.

The southwestern side of the roof (over our bedroom), meanwhile, gets quite hot. Really, the whole upstairs gets very toasty, but especially that room. There is no insulation at all behind the slanted portion of the wall – just airspace between the plaster and lathe and the inside of the roof. As far as we can tell, there is 0 insulation in the true attic space as well – the ceilings are frigid in winter and toasty warm in summer. This is what is currently inspiring me to just cut a goddamn hole in between the rafters over the upstairs landing and go the fuck up there and lay down some batts.

I went poking around in the crawlspace yesterday evening looking at the polystyrene baffles left there by a previous owner. These are normally used to allow airflow between spaces like our kneewalls and attic (when they are actually insulated with batts or other insulation fill, so it provides a rigid channel that keeps the fluff from blocking airflow needed in an operation that includes a fan drawing air out of the attic space), or between soffit vents to the outside and attic spaces. I found that the polystyrene baffles fit right into the spaces in the rafters – yay! - leaving a goodly chunk of space there for insulation, if we can find something rigid that can slide into the space underneath to shield the room within from the hot hot heat (some 1-1.5 inch radiant barrier might work). However, I could not determine if the soffit vents are open at all. Given, I was looking for light from the outside on a cloudy, rainy evening, but I didn’t see a thing. Since our fan is not operating, this might not be a problem as of yet. Also, the kneewall attic space was quite dry – very warm, but quite dry. The usual problem with improper ventilation and insulation, aside from poor temp control, is that humidity condenses in these uncontrolled spaces – either humid attic air condenses on cooler interior walls, or the reverse, and damages the wall material as well as making a happy home for molds and rot to wreck your living space. Our kneewall attics are dry and mold-free, however that may be because the upstairs is often closer to the temp of the attics, and there isn’t a lot of humidity being pumped into the living space OR the attic spaces. Except during the winter, I suppose – and then it isn’t a whole lot, just enough to moisten the air – not akin to the steam after a shower.

I half wonder if the fan isn’t currently working because someone opted to unwire it without de-installing it. Or maybe it stopped working – if there are no open soffit vents, it could have been struggling to vent hot air because there was no intake to complement the exhaust and broken down.

So, the questions remain – should we attempt to rehabilitate/replace the ventilation fan? If we do, will we have to actually open holes in the soffits where there are vented covers under the eaves?

My first instinct is to at least attempt to put the radiant barrier insulation along with the baffles in the slanty walls over our bedroom to at least reduce some of the heat conduction, and maybe fulfill my fantasy of slicing a hole into the true attic and laying down some batts of insulation to keep things cooler now and warmer in the winter. I suspect this would also let me know what’s up in Lu’s room vs ours; hers looks as though it’s been newly drywalled whereas ours is plaster; whoever drywalled MAY have actually insulated her room properly from above when they did so.

As for the fan and soffits, that may need to wait a little; it feels as though some of it is DIYable, but the project as a whole may require professional consultation and perhaps professional labor, something I’m not quite ready to take on at this point in the season/our home investment.


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